I support building a new library at the former IGA/Belmont Building.

I value our Town's public library, and I pledge to work to move forward with plans to construct a new library in the former Belmont Building. A civic use at this location is an appropriate land use, a sustainable "smart growth" development and is the most economically viable option when compared to greenfield development or adding structural additions to the existing library. The existing building footprint will accommodate the space program and parking needs of the library. The Town purchased the building for this purpose, and proceeds from rental income will offset common area maintenance fees to maintain the property.

Civility and Transparency

I will treat the public with respect.

I pledge to restore civility and full transparency to the Council. I will always seek to listen to the public and approach every important decision with integrity and careful consideration. I will respect the public's right to speak at public forums and hearings and I will treat everyone with dignity and respect.


Healthy, resilient neighborhoods have engaged stakeholders.

I recognize nuisances caused by seasonal renters and intense development pressures can sometimes put a strain on our neighborhoods. I will work to encourage cooperation among property owners, tenants, public safety/town officials and residents to ensure safe and vibrant neighborhoods.


Our beautiful shoreline is one of our greatest resources.

Our shoreline is a beautiful amenity, a destination for visitors and a vibrant centerpiece of our local economy. I will be an advocate to protect our greatest resource, ensure access to the water and ensure our beaches remain safe for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.


I will be an advocate for local small business.

Small businesses are the backbone of our community. I will ensure I put forth good due diligence and seek the input of the business community before considering any matters that will impact small businesses in our Town.