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I support land use policies that are consistent with our comprehensive master plan.

I ultimately would love to see the vision in our Galilee Special District plan come to fruition. I challenge the state’s position that the state is immune to local zoning, and I would like to see more local enforcement to ensure landowners and leaseholders comply with local zoning requirements outlined in the Galilee Special District ordinance. Specifically, land-side parcels on the southern end of Galilee solely used as surface parking do very little to support the fishing industry. Galilee is an important economic engine for the blue economy, and I am confident there is great potential to catalyze economic growth in fishing, water transportation, and recreation industries. The future of the former Lighthouse Inn site is complicated and may require the support of our state legislative delegation. I would rather see the Town collect parking revenues on these parcels than private leaseholders until an appropriate land use strategy can be implemented. My efforts to highlight the current Lighthouse Inn leaseholder’s dereliction and underutilization of this property resulted in the state reconsidering or delaying a long-term renewal with the current leaseholder.


I support continued investment for the reliability of our water and sewer systems.

I will continue to support capital investments in our sewer and water treatment and distribution systems while balancing conservation efforts. In the long term, we are going to have to consider regional water solutions to ensure a reliable supply of clean drinking water. I voted to use a big portion or our ARPA funding to the Town to make water, our most precious resource, a top priority. Stormwater management and sea level rise are other important issues. I feel it is essential that we plan for resiliency as we consider future developments in our community.

Civility and Transparency

I will treat the public with respect.

I will continue my pledge to maintain civility and full transparency. I will always seek to listen to the public and approach every important decision with integrity and careful consideration. I will respect the public's right to speak at public forums and hearings and I will treat everyone with dignity and respect.


Healthy, resilient neighborhoods are the cornerstone of our community.

I will support policies that promote safety, affordability, and stability in our neighborhoods. I recognize nuisances caused by seasonal renters and intense development pressures can sometimes put a strain on our neighborhoods. I will work to encourage cooperation among property owners, tenants, public safety/town officials, and residents to ensure safe and vibrant neighborhoods. I voted for the 3-student ordinance, new bulk zoning, and I am actively working on regulations for short-term rentals. These policies are designed to protect the fabric of our community by balancing the interests of owner-occupied families and investors.


Our beautiful shoreline is one of our greatest resources.

Our shoreline is a beautiful amenity, a destination for visitors, and a vibrant centerpiece of our local economy. I will be an advocate to protect our greatest resource, ensure access to the water, and ensure our beaches remain safe for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. I voted to restore parking at the "Avenues" for public access to our beautiful coastline - this was a location that could accommodate parking and has historically been used for parking. I co-sponsored a motion to survey coastal access points - we identified encroachment from abutters as a first step to protect our shoreline. I sponsored and voted for a ban on plastic bags to reduce plastics that enter our landfills and pollute the ocean.


I will be an advocate for local small business.

Small businesses are the backbone of our community. I will ensure I put forth good due diligence and seek the input of the business community before considering any matters that will impact small businesses in our Town.


I support building a new library at the former IGA/Belmont Building.

I value our Town's public library, and I pledge to approve construction of a new library in the former Belmont Building. A civic use at this location is an appropriate land use and is the will of the majority who voted for it in the bond referendum.

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